timothy Washington


ISIS is a growing problem in America

Dear future Mr. or Ms. President,

The people believe they are safe, but truly they are not. ISIS is a growing problem and if they continue to grow, I fear the people of America will no longer be safe.

People may not take this seriously, but really they should. ISIS will continue to be a problem and it’s not going to stop. We most subdue this problem so no longer will people have to worry about their family and friend’s safety. In this article titled “The Problem With ISIS,” Aaron David Miller says, “The cruel reality is that there may be no determinative or final victories in the fight against ISIS.” This means that we may never win in the fight against ISIS.

Not only does ISIS need to be taken seriously, they need to be stopped. The piece of evidence I have is that they will grow in people and resources every day. “CIA Director John Brennan has admitted that the Islamic State terror group has grown by around 4,400 percent during President Barack Obama’s tenure in office, according to remarks delivered in a speech” (Kredo). This means that ISIS is growing to be a bigger problem for the people of America.

Some people may believe that ISIS is not our biggest concern. People may say that poverty, child hunger, police brutality, and racism should be our main concern, but what if that doesn't matter? What if ISIS wins? What if America is lost to ISIS? Even Aaron David Miller said, “The cruel reality is that there may not be no determinative or final victories in the fight against ISIS” (Miller). This could mean that we may never win in the fight. The only thing we can hope for is that it’s the same for them, that neither they will win or us. Those are just what if’s, we may never know what happens in these fights, the best thing to do now is to wait, see if anything will escalate itself later on, because for right now it’s a draw, none of us have done a pivotal movement or action to say who is winning the fight. We can’t decide not to fight just because we might not win.

I’m believe for now we have time, but time will run out. We have time to be prepared for ISIS. We must remain vigilant, we may never when the time to come to get our heads back in the fight.

     sincerely, Tim

West Seattle High School

1st block

1st and 2nd period

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