Mackenzie J. Texas

Why We Must Get Rid of Gender Wage Gaps

Persuasive letter to the next President Of the United States, advocating Gender Wage Gaps

     Dear Mr/Madam President,

Imagine a world where women are treated differently than men, simply because of the things they enjoy. A very important issue in our society today is the gender pay gaps, between women and men. Mr/Madam President, eliminate the Gender Wage gaps. If work pay is determined on the gender of a person, people who work harder than others don't get acknowledged. Women and men are both humans with a goal to provide for their families, or themselves. With this gender wage gap, they aren't able to reach this goal.

When companies pay people solely on their gender, Women who work hard and are determined dont get what they deserve. Work pay should be even between men and women, and then increase or decrease depending on the how hard they work.

Many people say women shouldn't get paid as much as men because “they don't work as hard as men” but that's not true. According to IQ expert, James Flynn woman now outscore men, on many workforce tasks. Women and men are equal, and should be treated that way. Both genders are human, and are both valued equally. All men and women have the same goals, and that's to survive on what they can get.

Women in single family homes have to provide for their entire family. With the gender wage gaps, Women aren't able to provide for their families. Studies have shown mostly women

become single moms.

Congratulations on becoming the next president of the united states! Eliminate gender pay gaps. Let's make the world a more equal society.

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