Aidan Washington

Nuclear Nonproliferation

The spread and building of nuclear weapons. What the problem is.


Olympia, WA

07 November, 2016

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President:

Nuclear Nonproliferation is a big deal that the entire world has to face. Since the United States is one of the few states that has nuclear weapons and the ability to make more, and the fact that we are the only country to use them, we know how dangerous they are. Besides inspections what stops other countries from turning their peaceful work with nuclear power from turning into nuclear weapons testing? We should find a way to make it so that people can’t try to research nuclear technology.

Nuclear weapons is a constant threat for everyone in the U.S. and in other countries. Countries like North Korea have said that they are testing nuclear weapons what is stopping them from attack. Other countries are feeling threatened by some countries that have nuclear, they feel that they have the right to defend themselves at the order of magnitude that they would be attacked. How can we stop countries from giving nuclear technology to terrorist like ISIS or Al-Qaeda?

I think that nuclear technology used correctly could be a very helpful. It could provide electricity for many countries and it should be able to share our technology. We shouldn't be locked in a terrifying stalemate waiting for a country to fire first

I think that the US should make a technology that when people research the things they need to understand to create nukes it will alert the proper authorities. That would only stop those that don’t have the technology from obtaining it. We should have a group of scientist in every country that has the ability to access any facility in that country. It should be their job to watch and make sure they don’t use their technology to make more weapons.

People will no longer worry about other countries attacking them with nuclear weapons. People would feel safe with other countries. Countries will no longer by mad at countries like the US or Russia because we have nuclear technology and they do not.

You should address the leaders of all the countries in the world. We need to find an immediate solution.



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