cima m. Washington

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is something that everyone should be more aware about.

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

Racism is a very important topic I wish to change in our world. It’s sad that people are treated differently by their skin tone, background, ethnicity, and history. I went through many articles to see what could be done and what people were doing about it. Black Lives Matter is movement with rallies and signs and the hope to bring awareness with the situations that have been going on through this past year. Overall starting from January there have been 314 black shootings from police officers, all of which were white men. They would pull over these innocent black women and men in their cars or on the streets and be rude to them until they stood up for themselves which was a good enough reason to kill them to those policemen. I believe we should have police tests with higher standards because I believe the reason these police are killing and injuring african american people is because there are afraid of them. When pulling over someone or being in an incident like so a police should not have fear or else they could act out poorly, and in no way am I saying white people are bad, I am just saying that we need to bring more awareness to everyone about this and be more careful. This topic makes me sad because I can relate to this stuff, being scared to walk outside in certain neighbourhoods or driving in the car. I stand by saying that if people aren’t treating people like they should be it’s going to get worst. Everyone should be treated equally and fairly no matter what.

The New York Times magazine decided to interview a very strong minded and wise man named Alex Altman who speaks about what we can do and how we can achieve better respect and equality in our world. Alex Altman quotes “ An act of violence, no matter how small, can never be justified if it can be avoided “ (Alex) I believe what he is trying to say is that it doesn’t matter if it’s even emotional or verbal disrespect no one should be treated differently for the color of their skin tone, in his interviewed article he speaks out a lot about the way we can change this issue, saying that he goes to many rallies and protests and has meeting with people to see the change and the difference that he can make. He talks about how he has gone to many college campuses and talked with the people there to share his emotions and to start equality clubs and more.

I read another very controversial article by the editorial board from the New York Times who shared some very interesting points of views, talking about how it’s so great to be aware and share that, but to know that it’s not helping anyone and to take matters into your own hands because there’s no reason that we can’t fix this problem which i agree with very much.

There are also many people who have different opinions and who don’t agree with this movement at all. The Daily Stormer had an awful article on their website titled, No! Black Lives Don’t Matter, by Lee Rogers. He quoted, “If you really think about there actually not safe in our country” (Rogers). He spoke out that policemen and white people who were racist and hurting african americans were doing that to help because apparently all black people are in gangs and kill each other anyways. This article does not support what i believe in or my claim because this guy speaks the opposite of what i believe needs to happen and what should happen. He also stated that in Africa they eat each other and to be racist to african americans is okay in every way because we are not real people. This article made me think and took me a while to figure out where these thoughts could possibly be coming from that he would thinks its okay to talk about a race that way. I could barely get through this article without crying but at the end i noticed a pattern. Frightened. This man was scared of african americans, he made up every scenario that we were awful people and just kill each other and other’s. He also said that the way to stop them was to send them back to africa where they came from, which made me think that this man is obviously not educated and he had no respect.

In no way am i saying your an awful bad person for having your own opinions and of course im going to belive my opinion is right so all i really want Mr. or Mrs. President is that we make this world aware, respectful, and educated on the truth about equality and how everyday people are getting hurt badly for something they didn’t do and are completely guilty of. I hope that when you become President that there will be changes, small or big, that make our world more thoughtful.

Thankfully and Sincerely, Cima Moriyasu

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