Jesse Washington

No-Fly Zone

Solution to the crisis?

Dear President Clinton,

It has come down to the point where there are only two options for the presidency and that is you or Trump. There is no way Trump is going to win so that leaves you as our future President. I will admit I am not one of your traditional supporters. I am not a huge fan but you are better than Trump. I can agree on quite a few of your policies but one seems to be a bit rash to me. Making a no-fly zone in Syria is a frightening idea. Tensions are already really high and starting another conflict like this could put things over the edge. I'm not saying we give the Russians free will but at least be more subtle when we make our next move. It is important we don't ignore the crisis at hand but at the same time we don't want to make one problem out of another. The way I see it there will only be peace in Syria when one side collapses from exhaustion. We should not do nothing but perhaps attempt to ease the conflict to an end. Getting directly involved is going to cause problems for us especially in Syria's current state. Peace can only be achieved when all sides agree the conflict has ended. Thank you for your time.

- Jesse