Thomas R. Louisiana

Poverty in our country

A short letter expressing my concerns on the poverty in our nation.

Dear President,

         Each year we go further and further down. Statistically speaking, at least in the year 2010 when the last census records were reported, we are at or above a poverty level with over a quarter of the population living in poverty.          There are many more people who are either very close to the line of poverty or who are not reported  in the census reports that live below the poverty line. Which means that there could possibly be somewhere between 25% and 35% of people maybe more who are considered poor in our nation. Living in a small town of Visalia Louisiana we can see the struggle of poverty. Every day we see members of our community lose everything they have and struggle just to eat one time a day.  Something has to be done. I am not sure what you can do personally, or what laws can be passed, but I am fairly certain there is something that can be done. I just can't sleep at night knowing so many people - in our own country- are living in conditions many of us can not even imagine. So I respectfully ask you to Please help.


Thomas Richard

Delta Charter School

DCS World History

Delta Charter School World History class

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