Dae'Vern Mays Louisiana

Poverty In Ferriday Louisiana

Please read our desperate desire for a better environment.

Dear President,

      My name is Dae'Vern Mays. I don't come from a big city of any kind, but I come from a small town very unknown called Ferriday, Louisiana. These urban towns usually wouldn't  get noticed as would any other big cities. I want to speak a little about poverty in our community. As the President of the United States you should seriously take what I have to say into consideration.

   According to statistics, there are 43 million people living in poverty which is one-seventh of the population in the United States. Our roads have more bumps on them than the strands of hair on your head. We have no economic growth, because of the jobs available here. We will continue to stay small until you make a difference. We can't increase population if there is nothing to look forward to. When I was little, I use to always say I want to leave this place because nothing is here for me to look forward to as I grow up.

   In conclusion, as a President, please look for yourself to see the type of atmosphere the government creates for us to live in. Think about the environment we have to grow up in. Use your power to actually make a difference and influence others to create a better well being for the United States of America! With your authority, we have hope, joy, and happiness. Be the leader you persuade people you are. You will have cause a great impact on small towns like ours and you will make a difference.


                                                                    Dae'Vern Mays

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