Sasha California


Dear Future President ,

 I am not against Abortion but it seems to bother me a lot, women who think that they can't take care of a child have me thinking why they even decided to have sex in the first place. When you get rid of something you do it to forget about it, with abortion you cant forget, it sticks with you forever. Many women get an abortion because they are either to young, got raped, or simply because they don't care and they just want nothing to do with a kid. 

 Later in life when they actually do want a child its not going to work out as they want it to. If your too young and you know you won't be able to handle a kid, then why have sex in the first place?  yes it might be your decision but you have to think that if your too young you should wait. 

I wouldn't argue if you got Raped at a Young age and you would want to get an abortion because it isn't your fault. If you don't care about anything and you just want an abortion then i would be so against it because that wouldn't make any sense. 

In the US Twenty-One percent of the pregnancies end in abortion. Also in 2011 the most abortions occurred in California ( 181,730 ).  Some of these abortions where cause because they where unmarried women, and they didn't wan to keep a child with them alone. As you can see I have proven my point and why i think this. This is my Opinion and what i think about Abortion. 


Sasha .