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Letter to the Next President

Valentina Pavolini

To the Honorable Next President,

The United States is a country that has set one important message to all; Be free. This is the image we try to portray, and we have pulled through for so many years. However, there is a ruthless act that goes on in our society that is very serious. It is jeopardizing the civil rights of us American citizens, and often goes unheard by vast majority of the public. Police brutality has led to the passing of many lives and has permanently bruised the lives of their loved ones. Nonetheless, their ultimate duty is to keep the community in harmony and protect people in danger. With all due respect, what would you say if I told you thousands of American citizens are being murdered, just for being a certain race?  Officers are trained to cultivate a "Warrior mindset". This means that you are the enemy to them unless proven otherwise. This can inevitably result in abuse of power, which confuses me like many others, because they are putting their lives before the lives of the citizens. Officers pledge to protect and serve, this system seems a bit flawed. Of the many cases that go dismissed, there is one that I would like to reach out to. A man named Alton Sterling, who was absolutely no danger to society, was attacked by two police officers. A homeless man called 911 to say that someone was holding a weapon. In short, he was shot multiple times while being on the floor, completely pinned down. He had no weapon, and lost his life for the negligence and the power that took over the minds of these police. As a patriotic citizen who loves this country, it is my duty to inform you of the flaws we can fix. We can train our police officers with the "Hero mindset", and make sure they treat people of the community with willingness to cooperate and not demand initially. To not resort to killing first, and to make that the last alternative, to use other weapons instead of guns first. They can treat others like they treat their co workers, and build love and stop constructing hate. I hope this resonates in your mind, and I know that you will make sure to make America be great again. 

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