Ariana C. California

Police Brutality

There are too many police killings.

Dear Future President,

I am writing to you from Watsonville, California. I am currently a student at Lakeview Middle School and I am concerned about all the Police Brutality. As the website says there has been a number of 868 Americans killed this year by cops. And that has only been so far this year. Usually, by the end of the year there is more than 1,000 people killed. There is always another side of the story but that is no reason for a cop to kill somebody for unfair reasons.

I think that police are the people that are supposed to help the community and make the people feel safe. But now, they are the ones making the people feel insecure. The people are depending on the police to keep them safe from, theft, vandalism, drug use, and many more things.

According to the website, “Black People Not Calling 911 Over Fears of Police Brutality” says, that a recent search found that black people might not be calling 911. When “Jude was being beaten by off-duty police officers who suspected him of stealing a police badge from a party, and when 911 was called, responding officers only joined in on the beating”. This set a very bad example to the city of the police brutality. This has been deeply affecting the trust that the black people have for the law enforcement.