Evan E. North Dakota

Job Loss and College Tuition

Many families in America do not have occupations that generate enough money for their kids to go to college.

Dear future President of the United States,

The U.S. has had a lack of jobs and an increase in the population of homeless citizens. Along with a lack of jobs comes the expenses of college, something too large for many families.

Over the years, many people in the United States have lost their jobs due to regulations and the formation of new laws. Because of this, many people don't have enough money for the necessities of life. The government should create more useful businesses, and as a result of that, the U.S. could lower the homeless population significantly. Many families that don't have the money for school, housing, or maybe even food would be able to have a better life. On top of that, the creation of new jobs would boost economy and strengthen our society. The creation of new jobs would be very beneficial for American citizens.

The prices of higher education for many families is a burden. Many colleges around the U.S. cost more than $10,000 a year. BSC, a local college, has a tuition of $11,955 a year for state residents, compared to$16,734 for out-of-state college students. According to “What’s the Price Tag for a College Education” the average out-of-state college student pays around $23,000 dollars, compared to a the total cost of $32,000 if the college is private (collegedata.com). Many other nations have significantly lower college tuition with programs similar to what is offered in the U.S. According to “College Access and Affordability: USA vs. the World,” countries like Germany, Denmark, Greece, and Scotland college is community funded and students pay nothing. The college tuition in the U.S. should be lowered to give easier access to higher education.

American living has a chance to gain a better standard. If the government created more jobs useful to society and lowered college prices, many more people would be employed. A college diploma can go a long way with getting a job but many people cannot afford it. These changes would be beneficial to the future of the U.S.


Evan Eliason