Chase L. Wisconsin

Gun Control

Don't take our guns

Many people argue gun control should be in full effect for many reasons. Many people suggest guns are the reason for many violent crimes around America and should be taken away. Yes, many criminals use firearms but is banning them going to solve anything?

Gun control laws do not deter crime or stop it in any way. Yes, it may reduce gun deaths but can breed a new type of murder and homicide that is much more bloody and brutal. The second amendment protects our right to bear firearms, gun control interferes with that amendment and may cause problems in the future. Another reason is because Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Guns are only a tool that may get into the wrong hands. If there were more guns, there would be less crime. The final reason is that even if there was gun control, criminals are still going to obtain weapons to cause harm.

In conclusion, the only way we can protect people but also protect peoples rights to own firearms, is to do background checks and prohibit felons and criminals on watchlists and educate people about the possible outcomes of a disaster that can occur when a firearm is in the wrong hands.