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Gun Control

This is a letter addressing the importance of gun control and how it can help save lives.

Dear Future President,

We have many problems with our current gun control laws. I don't believe they are helping, let alone doing much good at all. I think that we need deeper background checks but I don't think that we need to ban guns or ammunition. I think we just need to ensure that these weapons are handled by the right people who don't have any sort malicious intent.

The year of 2014 had a total of 5.9 violent crimes committed, and of those only 10% where committed with guns Agresti, James D. & Smith, Reid K. Guns aren't the real problem, the people that handle them are. I think that we need deeper background checks when someone purchases a weapon worthy of such destruction. They have also been used for self protection and that is a good thing. I don't want to make it harder to obtain weapons I just want to make sure they get into the right hands.

In my state of Wisconsin you don't need any sort of permit to purchase a gun, in fact the only permit you need is a permit to carry a handgun with you, NRA-ILA. I think that we should need to make it more safe and make it so that you have to meet certain requirements to purchase a weapon.

Gun laws don't deter crime gun ownership does. According to Pro Con, while gun ownership doubled in doubled in the twentieth century, the murder rate decreased. Studies show that cities with more concealed carry licenses have less amounts of crime. Also people 

People also live off of their guns like in Alaska. They hunt to live and without their guns they couldn't really survive. I hunt with my dad and it is a great bonding time and it teaches you how to handle a weapon and treat it with respect. It helps you realize that its so easy to take a life and how powerful they can be. Most of the children that end up accidentally killing someone or themselves is because they never really knew how dangerous they where or that no matter what you can't take it back.


Joe Olsen

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