Kaitlyn Wisconsin

Marine Pollution

Marine Pollution is a huge issue affecting millions of marine wildlife every day.

Dear the next president of the United States, 

Marine Pollution is huge issue affecting millions of marine wildlife every day. Did you know that plastic is most common element in the ocean? Having so much plastic in the ocean is harmful to all the of marine life. They can absorb the plastic in them and when they are eaten they make the other animals sick. This causes the marine population to drop, but also can makes us humans ill. Another effect of plastic in the ocean is animals think that the plastic bags and other trash in the ocean is food. Eating this trash causes blocking in their airways killing many of endangered/threatened species such as whales, seals, and otters.  

According to WWF's article  "80% of ocean pollution comes from the land." That means that YOUR everyday trash is in the ocean.  Knowing that you may be thinking "How can we prevent this from happening?" Well I have an answer to that question. One quick and easy way to avoid ocean pollution is to use less plastic products.According to CFF "Plastic never degrades; instead, it breaks down into progressively smaller pieces, but never disappears." So instead use a reusable bag when shopping. Another way is to recycle the trash that is recyclable, I know it sounds self-explanatory but many people today still don't recycle! Here is a link to a list of recyclables http://www.18facts.com/recycle-list/ 

Oil is a very big factor in ocean pollution. Oil spills can cause a mass amount of animals to suffocate and choke on oil. Things called oil rings are used to drill oil from the ground. That is also causing another type of pollution to the oceans. It is called noise pollution  According to National Geographic's article called Ocean Pollution "Pollution is not always physical. In large bodies of water, sound waves can carry undiminished for miles. The increased presence of loud or persistent sounds from ships, sonar devices, oil rigs, and even from natural sources like earthquakes can disrupt the migration, communication, hunting, and reproduction patterns of many marine animals, particularly aquatic mammals like whales and dolphins." So not only is the oil itself causing harm to the marine life, but the drilling is also causing harm!

I believe that more laws and order should be in place to save our ocean and all of the animals inhabiting it! Please help us make the ocean a better place! MAKE THE OCEANS GREAT AGAIN.

Sincerely: Kaitlyn 

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