Kadin B. Wisconsin

Climate Change

climate change

The way global warming has increased should be alarming to you. Though we may not be able to stop it we certainly can prevent it- we must take action before the levels become too high and start to flood parts of our country.

Climate change has showed a clear increase in temperature; in fact, it has went up 8 degrees celsius in the past century. Scientists are expecting the temperature of earth to go up 2.5-11.5 degrees fahrenheit in the next century. With the constant increase of greenhouse gases it is expected to worsen. Another reason to stop this climate change is that there has been some extremely serious changes in rainfall, leading to droughts, flash floods, excess rainfall, etc. these are only the aftermath. We have to remember with higher temps comes melting, which mean that now the glaciers are starting to melt away from underneath and the huge chunks of the glaciers are breaking off making places like Antarctica decrease in size and threaten creatures habitats such as the polar bear. But it's not only the polar bears habitat being threatened, over 100 million people live within 3 feet of mean sea level and are looking for alternate destinations.

So please seriously take this letter into consideration and help stop and or prevent this major issue, before it's too late.