Mercedes Wisconsin

Dog Abuse

Dog abuse is becoming a big problem.

Dear future president,

A two year old pitbull was covered in gasoline and then set on fire and left to burn to death. If it hadn’t been for the police woman passing by and saving the pitbull, then she would have burned to death right there. Harming and killing dogs is wrong and something needs to be done to eliminate the abuse of dogs.

One thing that is a big contributor to dog abuse is puppy mills. Puppy mills’ main focus is to make profit off of their dogs and puppies. They are about money more than they really care about the health and well-being of the dogs. Because of this, many dogs and puppies that come from these mills become sick because of poor living conditions and not being treated properly. Even though puppy mills are one of the big reasons animal abuse is a problem, there are still other things, like humans, that are directly affected by the animal abusers.

People that abuse or kill animals are shown to also hurt, abuse or kill other people. According to, “Albert DeSalvo (the ‘Boston Strangler’), who killed 13 women, trapped dogs and cats and shot arrows at them through boxes in his youth.” Studies have shown that violent criminals have often abused animals when they were younger. also stated that, “100 percent of sexual homicide offenders examined had a history of animal cruelty. People that abuse animals are hurting the animals and are a risk of later hurting people in the same way. Dogs being abused is obviously a problem, and it is everywhere.

Dog abuse is all around and is becoming more common and extreme. The two year old pitbull that was burned and then saved by the police, died not long after because of health problems that didn’t even concern the burns. The pitbull was examined after she had died and bitemarks were found on her, indicating dog fights. Before 1990, 6 states had laws against animal abuse, and now 46 do. This is because many people are cruel to animals today, even children are cruel to them, and many children have been reported to have either harmed or killed family pets. Dog fighting and dog abuse go hand-in-hand and have become more common today. This abuse needs to stop.

I believe dog abuse is a growing problem that needs to be fixed and stopped to be able to preserve the lives of dogs and family pets.