Thieng C. California


It should be ILLEGAL.

Dear Future President,

I want to tell you about abortion. It should be illegal in all cases. I'm bringing this to your attention because too many lives had been lost due to the mistakes of young women. Although not all young women have had an abortion, 1 out of 3 women has. And 95% of them don't regret it. This is a huge problem because it's killing a baby.

Abortion is and should be considered morally the same as murder, but unfortunately it is not. If a pregnant mother was to be murdered, then the person who killed her would be charged for two accounts of murder. One for the mother, and one for the baby. Yet, it is legal to have an abortion. The way that they perform an abortion is really very graphic, but it is an important factor. First, the mother is put under anesthetics. The surgeon then dilates her and starts by putting a grasping clamp up the vaginal canal and disembodying the baby, body part by body part. In order to get its head out they have to first crush it, then pull it out. After the baby's body parts are out of the mother, they take a vacuum and suction the placenta out.

Every child deserves a fair shot at life. Each year, 1 million children do not get a chance to live, when most of the time they could have had a great life, whether if they were adopted by a new family or raised by their birth parents. Some pregnancies should have the option to be aborted, under certain circumstances, but when the reason for them is an easy or obvious fix, then I think that it should be illegal to terminate it.