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College Tuition

Dear Future President, my letter is about college tuition and how it is rapidly rising.

Dear Future President, 

 First of all I would like to congratulate you on your win. I hope you will be a prime leader to our country. But, to be any good leader you have to listen to the world and listen to our issues that we want fixed. One issue I believe is a problem everywhere is college tuition. Why should people have to pay so much to get a better future? One reason why college is such a risky fee to some families is because of the cost of other necessities they have to pay for throughout the year. 

According to New York Times(Davidson), in 1974 the median family earned just under $13,000 a year. At that time attending a four year private college costed around $2,000 a year; very affordable to even the middle class. As for public college, it only costed $510 a year. It was very affordable for any class to get a better education back then. Now, jumped forward 42 years. A median family income is about $63,000 a year. Tuition for a private college is $31,000 a year. That is nearly three times more than 1974. To attend a public college it is about $9,000 a year; that is four times more. That is a aching bill for anyone to pay, especially for 4 years. 

Better education just seems out of reach to some families. Now that shouldn't be the case. I believe that every student, no matter where they come from or what class they are in deserve a better education.

 "Higher education is a fascinating, complex business. It's pricing dynamics ripple throughout the rest of our economy, in effect determining who will thrive and who will fail." -New York Times. (Davidson)

 Getting a higher and better education seems like a very hidden topic but, it is very effective problem all over the world. The price to get a better education affects everyone who wants a better education. Now, what if you desperately want a finer education, but you simply can't pay the price? Does that mean you just can't get a better education because you can't pay for it? This problem will eventually affect the future generation if we don't fix high college tuition now. The tuition will continue to increase and could affect recent graduates children as well. The recent graduate may not be able to keep up with their children's college prices because they are still in student debt themselves. 

According to Teen Life Blog about 90% of students finance their education with student loans (Shaffer). But, because of the rising prices of attending college, many low income students are deciding to drop out or not even go to college because of the finance stress that would've been put upon them. 

Overall, the price of college just needs to decrease. From 2003 to 2013 prices of college have rose 39%. There is many reasons to that rise. The rise may be due to inflation, funding cuts, competition, and demand. Those all are topics you could try to secure. So, why is college tuition rising? No one really has a fastened answer to that. The high tuition price is limiting students to receive a college education. It is an important issue that should be called to attention. The college tuition must be lowered and I hope you can help make a difference. 

 Sincerely, Annika Leverson 

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