Nehar A. California


Misconceptions of immigrants

Dear Future President,

I see how people explaining Immigrants from different perspective and most if them don't the clear background about Immigration , but just believing the wrong information about Immigrants . I want to talk about this topic because when I see the information about Immigrants that personally, make me feel like people need to educated their self in order to publish something that is true. Illegal Immigrants took job from American citizens, I believe that they don't want to do it than who else would do it.

People comes from different background they work hard to have better life. we're imparting with poverty, the studies showed that people from different countries have low education skills, do all the scrubbing the floors , "dirty jobs". I personally, don't agree with this because it's not true, as we all can see in the reality. Another reasons Illegal immigrants don't pay the Taxes, I totally disagree with this point because majority of the Immigrants pay all the Taxes. However, that's what the research showed for people to believe the wrong information.

The bottom line is no matter their story, my story, story is a story of America. Hardworking families coming to the U.S to create a bright future for their children. It is a story rooted in family and fueled with hopes. It is a story that continues to this day in families all across the United States of America.