Emily California


This letter is about how immigrants should have the right get their papers and why illegal immigrants should stay in the US.

Dear future president ,

     I am writing to you to talk about immigration. How i am against sending a immigrant back to the country they came from. Someone who comes illegal to a country have a reason to do such as this and could have many reasons why. If a immigrant wants to qualify to get papers they should be able to get the papers. Its so sad for a family to be separated because of the parents being deported and the child could be sent to foster care if there is no other family member in the country. There is a study that at least 5,100 kids have been sent to foster care after parents where deported.

   The family's that have no papers have to live under fear that hopefully not to get deported. The fear of hopefully not losing family member. i have some family members who are immigrants and i would never want them to get deported and not see them. Obama's government has already deported about 2.5 million immigrants. Actually it says Obama is the president to deport the most immigrants. In 2013 deporting immigrants increased

   An immigrant should be sent back for a reason. If an immigrant is sent back for doing a crime i understand that but immigrant shouldn't be sent back for no good reason. Mostly an immigrant comes to a foreign country so they could start a better life or get a better job not to come and do illegal things or take things from other american citizens. immigrants have different story behind why they crossed the border. A immigrant should be treated equally as an american citizen and be able to get papers.