Dylan Minnesota

Gun Control Regulations

In this letter, I talk about what should be done with gun control including regulations and what should need to occur to get certain weapons and identifications for weapons


Dear Next President,

Congratulations on becoming the next president. In this letter I will be talking about gun control. The process of getting a gun in your possession as well as being allowed to use one should require more training than you currently are required to have to own one and use it. I am not saying that all guns should be banned, however the ones people can legally own as well as carry and conceal should be limited unless these people are using them because they are in some part of the military, or they are are part the law enforcement. My next paragraph will talk about statistics of things that happened with guns inside of the U.S.

Currently, almost anybody who wants a firearm can get access to one. This causes problems because of what events can occur out of this. According to (“Firearms Tutorial” by Utah Edu) in 2010, 31,513 people died from firearms in the U.S. 19,308 of these being from Suicide, 11,015 from Homicides. Lastly, 600 people killed themselves on accident with firearms. This means that death by firearms is one of the top 10 reasons of death in the United States. My next paragraph will talk about what weapons should be allowed to be owned with certain permits to own them.

As I said before, guns should not be completely banned. However any firearm above the classification of a pistol should need additional authorization and training to be used. This would make it possible for people who want to still go hunting will be able to, they will just be required to have further training on how to use the class of firearm that they are wanting to use for hunting. In the paragraph following this one I will talk about backgrounds checks in order to get guns.

Additionally, people should need to be background checked before they are authorized to purchase a firearm, and this should be enforced. If they are not legal citizens of the United States they should not be allowed to purchase a firearm of any kind until they become a legalized United States citizen. In my next paragraph I will talk about what I think should be done to fix the issue of gun control.

This problem can be fixed if more paperwork to purchase a weapon was needed as well as more training as I had mentioned earlier, along with more consistent background checks before people are allowed to get their id to purchase weaponry, and those who want bigger firearms will need more training before they are given their ids to purchase the weapons that they want.