Tyler N. Minnesota


The media can to easily damage our society so we need to find a way to prevent them from relating anymore destruction.

Dear Future president, something that you should think about when in office is changing the way the media portrays itself. It's no secret that the media is known to dramatisize situations. It seems like every day we hear about “Black lives matter” on the news. St. Louis city was just put on lock down because of protesters, before this gets out of hand we need solutions.

One way to prevent this from happening would be to create a system that would overlook the media’s articles before they get released into the real world. Almost like a watchdog that would filter out any unneeded junk that would rattle people. The problem with this is that it is the media’s right to put out what they want. (Freedom of press) I know that you could figure a way out to make this work but however there is a better solution.

The media can start revolutions and we know this for a fact from history.In order to prevent the media from escalating situations anymore we need to fix it where it all begins, the youth. Elementary and high school students should be taught how to interpret fact from fiction with the media, and with the Internet as a whole. It should be a mandatory learning target in schools. If we were able to educate the mass majority of people in the U.S about the media’s tricks then we would not have to worry about the media creating a disaster.

Whatever the solution may be, we need to fix this problem before it becomes a bigger problem.