Jess Schatz Minnesota

Dear Future President

Although not a remake of Meghan Trainor's pop song, this letter contains ideas to consider to make a candidate fit for our nation's presidency

Dear Future President,

I know that you are busy being settled into your new authoritative position, but it would do me greatly if you would read what this unruly teen has to offer.

I know that when I look at the presidents of our past, I see good, bad and everything in between. Being a president means being able to do way more than just one thing in office. That being so, I couldn’t specifically choose one issue to write this letter about. Bear with me as I try to cram my thoughts into a simple letter.

I feel as though our country is in a state of downward descent, our issues becoming smaller and to an extent, whinier. All we ever worry about is ourselves and if something doesn't affect us, we don't tend to worry about it. What we need from a president is a person who actually sees issues and does something about them even if they aren't a direct impact to yourself personally. We need a person who'll “go down with the ship” if you will, if anything were to happen to the country. Not to be rude, but presidents are replaceable, even the greats like George Washington and Andrew Jackson had to leave their position. Presidency isn’t a right, it's a privilege. It can be taken away at any time with a simple poll of our Congress. It is, in turn, a big position to fill and it isn’t just about the power, the fame or the American debt you would be taking on. It is about the way you serve your country. Some say laying down your life is the ultimate sacrifice and I wonder, isn’t it more beneficial to tell people how to react to that than it is to do it? I’ll break it down for you, if somebody makes that sacrifice, what is the first reaction? Grief for a lost comrade? Confusion that he or she is just wasting their life? Our president needs to have a level head and common sense.

When I saw my newborn cousin for the first time, I also saw a little boy who would grow up to be a good man someday. His hands were untainted with any of the world’s issues. I saw potential in those bright baby eyes of his. Now, I try to think of an alternate, where he was aborted because he was unwanted before he was born. Isn’t that murder? To kill someone, any age, is murder. I understand that maybe horrible things happened to create that baby, for instance, rape. That isn’t the baby’s fault. They weren’t the ones who chose the parents, they just come out after their nine months of time served. Maybe you weren’t ready for a child, but maybe someone out there has been waiting for their chance and are being denied a child. Adoption shows a better light to killing a baby. Although it seems unfit to use here the quote, “One man’s trash is another’s treasure” definitely applies here. In a sad way, people get rid of their babies because they aren't wanted. A president should consider adoption over abortion, as at any age it is still murder.

You enter your home and automatically know something isn’t right about it. The door was unlocked when you got there, your shoes have been misplaced and the overall feel of the place is off. After investigating, you realize nothing is wrong and you assume it was your imagination. You have no firearms to protect yourself, so you just hope it was nothing. While sleeping, you hear a clatter in the kitchen and jump up to check it out. A thief holds your daughter hostage as they back away to the door. They take your daughter and you never get to see her again. Was this preventable? Could this have ended in a better outcome if you had had a firearm to at least scare off the thief? Is this your fault for not properly securing the house? How could a firearm have helped this situation? The simple fact that guns don't kill people, but people kill people is easily oversighted in our country. Keep the weapon out of the killing hands. We should have a president who preserves our rights, like the second amendment, but also keeps people in check to avoid any immediate threats.

These few paragraphs only highlight some of the many things one must consider before thinking of the presidency. Are you willing to take on the role that would impact the lives of millions of citizens around the United States of America? Can you keep American values alive and ensure they are kept for future generations? What do you bring to the table that others can’t do? Why would you be the next president? Ask yourself these questions before the polls open up and you don’t realize what you’ve gotten yourself into. It’s never too late to turn back… until you are already the next president.when somebody goes off and sacrifices themselves, would you know exactly what to do? How would you react if someone close to you ran out and committed suicide for what he or she truly believed in? You would need somebody else to pull through with a clear head and show people what to do.