maribel Oregon


We are the future and we want someone who will hear us and not separate us from our families.

To Whom It May Concern,

My concern is about the subject of immigration. I know it’s been one of the subjects that most presidents have touched, but they’ve only said something about it but haven’t yet done anything in respect to it. It does concern me and my family/community that we have to be alert to what can happen to them. They have families to support. They come to get a job to maintain them, and they want the best for their children. For me, immigration is something we should all be concerned about since most of the population here in my community is immigrants. We need a president who will take charge of the subject and actually do something about it, make it better for undocumented people to be able to stay here.

We are not much of a threat. We want to be like the rest of you. We don’t need to build borders just to “Make America Great Again.” We can all get along and carry on with our lives. Many immigrants come to escape what is happening back from where they're from, but once they get here they get attacked with words, violence, and discrimination. We need to make a change that can benefit everyone living here. After all, they do work and make money for the government. They contribute in many ordinary ways that citizens do and can “Make America Great Again” by building path ways, not walls. We are the next generation, and we want to live in a world where there is no hate. We need to start from somewhere. Make this a priority for our future.


Maribel Z.