Britnimarina Illinois


How immigrants should be treated in the U.S .

 Dear President ,

It is an honor to be able to communicate with you .I hope this letter can change your mind or open up your mind to new ideas.

I might not know much about how the government works or how it is to be in a high class society but I do know how it feels to not have a voice ,that your opinion doesn't matter.And I know how it feels to struggle.I have moved around to many different places”,” and every school has a different opinion .I hope I can get out those voices and opinions to you.

I hope with this letter you can see how great of a country we live in and how we can change it to make it even better,even though there is a war going on I believe we should focus what is going on in our home country.First of all Racial profiling in the police force is having a negative impact on Latino citizens. There have been many incidents of police officers arresting someone just for the way the look or dress. An example of police brutality toward Latinos is the shooting in Santa Rosa ,California when a police officer shot a 13 year old Latino, Andy Lopez .And the officer was not charged at all for the shooting .The reason why he shot this child several times killing him at the scene,because he was playing with a toy gun ,a BB gun to be more specific .Who would have thought a boy would be shot several times for playing with a toy?If this isn't injustice, I don’t know what is .Policeman like this shouldn’t be allowed to take a vow.Their actions are inhuman and not done with any reason in mind.

Another incident was on October 11, 1969 San Francisco during the case of the Zodiac killer two witnesses reported a shooting describing the man as a white male 25-30 years off age tall.By the time they made the call lucky there was a police car patrolling near by passing the Zodiac killer chasing after a African American Male.These officers because of their ignorance on the profile of the murderer missed the chance to capture this evil man. All because of racial profiling . 

We should resolve this by giving our officers lessons on how to treat people and not just how to hold them down and attack .Another solution is maybe picking out certain officers to communicate with the community and other to enforce the law and it would be better if there was officers who do both. I hope you really consider this letter my ideas to resolve this might not be the best but please reconsider Mrs/Mr president .