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Gender Wage Gap

Women today still make 80 cents or less for every dollar a man makes.

Dear Future President,

Although women in our nation today have many more rights and equality than women in the past, the gender wage gap is still a matter that’s unresolved. Ever since women entered the workforce, the wage gap was established and still remains today. That means that women have been paid less than men for around sixty years! Females still make less money than males regardless of occupation, education level, and how hard they work. The wages of both genders should be equal despite any of that.

On average, women earn eighty cents for every dollar a man makes. According to the National Partnership For Women and Families, this means that the annual wage gap amounts to $10,470 and women lose a combined total of approximately $840 billion each year because of it. As a consequence, women have barely enough money for basic necessities such as food, bills, and rent. Also, single mothers who work can hardly afford all of that to keep both her and her children alive because of the lost wages.

Sadly, women of color fare worse when it comes to wages. For example, African-American women make 63 cents for every dollar Caucasian men make. Latinas earn 54 cents while Asian women earn 85 cents for every dollar white, non-Hispanic men make.

According to the Pew Research Center, one-third of women believe that they cannot be successful because of their gender. And according to the National Partnership, sixty percent of women consider the wage gap a major workplace issue and two-thirds of women believe they are paid unfairly. Females work just as hard as males and there’s no reason for them to be paid less. Their gender should not be the sole reason to not earn as much money. Also, both Republican and Democratic women are more likely to support a candidate for government who supports equal pay. Therefore, women and men should get equal pay and there should be a law ensuring this.


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