Katie Texas

Close the Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap is a real problem in our country. Women get pay about 79 cents per every dollar that men do.

Dear Mr/Madam President,

You need to sign into law that the gender be permanently closed in America. Imagine sending your daughter to one of the best schools in America and she graduates at the top of class. You would probably expect for her to go into the workfield making more than the males that graduated under her. Unfortunately because of the gender pay gap that clam is most likely wishful thinking. You need to sign into law that the gender be permanently closed in America. Women pay and work just as hard for their education than their male competitors, and in single family situations the women is almost always the head of the household expected to support their children.

Many cases of women getting paid less than men is not only unfair, but it goes against the Constitution. On August eighteenth of nineteen twenty the nineteenth amendment was written into the United States Constitution that gave women the right to equal opportunities as men. In recent studies by CNN found that men get paid more for doing the same job with the same or less education than women. They found that in the field of medicine that male ophthalmologists reported to make about $95,000 more than their female coworkers per year. Similar results were found in the specialty of cardiology. The males reported to make about $97,000 more dollars a year than women. The pay gap does not only affect women in the medical field. Well known movie actress Jennifer Lawrence has spoken up about getting paid less than her male coworkers.

Some may say that gender gap is already starting to close and that America doesn’t need to worry about it. In fact some research shows that the gap wa starting to shrink. A study by the Institute of Women’s Policies Research showed that in 2015 the ratio of women’s and men’s weekly earnings was eighty-one point one percent a one point four increase since 2014. The research study also found that at the rate that the gap is “closing” that it would be 2059 before America reaches total gender pay equality. And depending on your age, race, where you live,and your education level it could be a lot longer.

The pay gap is not only a female issue, but a family issue. Research collected by the American Association of University Women found that forty percent single family households with children rely primarily on the mother’s pay. Women’s pay isn’t just about it being fair, but it also helps many families make ends meet.The money that women are being cheated out of could by the difference between a family being able to pay rent and sleeping in a car. Also by closing the gap children of single family are more likely to have a better education, and one third of the single families are expected to live above the poverty line.

Congratulations on winning the election. I know that you will do some amazing things during your term. There may be a lot of things that you have to deal with, but this issue affects fifty one percent of the populations and their families. By fixing this issue you could be able to give children from single family homes a better chance at getting the education they deserve.

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