Cameron C. Texas

Animal Abuse

Animals all over the world suffer every single day. What would you do about the abuse of animals?

October 31, 2016

Dear Future President,

You see those sad commercials about abused animals and you’re thinking this never happens. This happens every day. We need to get help and put a stop to the abusing of animals.

Every 60 seconds an animal gets abused. There is an organization that is trying to help with the animal abuse such as the ASPCA.They are trying to get every abused animal into their shelter for more loving care. This non-profit organization helps the animals who have been abused regain hope. We need more organizations like this to ensure that no animal will ever be abused in America. If someone abuses and animal they should be out in jail. In the first month that the ASPCA was opened the saved approximately 17,000 animals. The ASPCA saved about 2.7 million animals in the past year. We need to keep it up. Once the animals are healthy again they adopt the animals to a good and loving owner.

We need to stand up for what’s right and have no more abused animals.


Cameron C.

Student, KHS