Ethan W. Minnesota

Zero Hunger

World Hunger has been going on for too long and we need more food donation places and helpers in the US.

Dear Future President,

Kids around the world are hungry and we're not doing much to help kids become not hungry. "95 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. That’s about one in nine people on earth.” (, 1) For example, Burundi is the place in the world that has the most world hunger. They have 73.4% of people hungry right now. Their population is 10.16 million. That is not good at all! I believe that the number one priority of the future president should be to try to solve world hunger because we have lots of food and we could be a big help in solving world hunger.

I am a helper in stopping world hunger. I ask my parents if we could go to feed my starving children when I want to help out and I sadly have only gone 2 times and I want to go much much more. I think we should have more Feed My Starving Children’s in the world. There is only 7 in the US. “Feed my starving children meals are produced by volunteers in Minnesota, Illinois, and Arizona.” (Feed My Starving Children, 1). That is not a lot. It’s helping, but not enough. We need to help out these kids by having people help in every state. This matters because 3 states is not enough to solve world hunger. 

The other issue in this is that the US has way more toy drives than food drives. The US in total had more toy drives than food drives and the kids that are hungry have more toys than food. For example, a toy drive had their 22nd annual toy drive and a food organization had their 2nd food drive in 4 years. “Kids don’t need scooters they need food.” (Ashley Z., 1). It is important because kids will die when we could’ve helped them in a better way. In conclusion kids need food not toys!

I think the president should hold more food drives and have more food donation places in the US. We need to solve Global Goal Number 2: Zero Hunger. It would help make the UN’s impact bigger and be a bigger help than it already is. World hunger has been going on for a extremely long time now and it needs to stop!


Ethan W

This is what will keep happening if we don't help out more than we are now.

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