Bertwocane A. Washington

Awareness Is Important When It Comes To Climate Change

Developed countries need to help combat climate change before it is too late.

Dear future President,

I am Bertwocane . I am a 17 year old Ethiopian American, and if luck did not play a big part in my life, I could have been living in a third world country instead of enjoying a life in a developed one. I could have easily been one of the few millions of people who is suffering from the effects of climate change, the biggest effects being drought. I could have been one of the kids who has to worry about providing for the family instead of focusing on my school. I could have been one of the kids who had to drop out of school instead of having the privilege of focusing on bettering my own life. These are the life changing decisions that people not only in Ethiopia but also in many third world countries have to make in order to combat the effects of climate change.

According to NASA, global sea levels have risen by about 20 cm since 1880 and are expected to rise another 2.5 to 10 cm by 2100. Ten of the fifteen largest developing cities are in low-lying coastal areas and are vulnerable to rising seas. In just 84 years, a person’s lifetime, developing countries could face a catastrophe that can be avoided if we act now. On top of that, climate change will aggravate the spread of disease which are more common in poorer countries. In Africa, 90 more million people could be exposed to malaria by 2030 because of rising temperatures. Climate change will also alter the course of farming, which many people depend on in developing countries. According to the World Bank, agricultural yields will be reduced in Sub-Saharan Africa by 15%, and in South Asia by 18%. The lives of many people in third world countries will be lost without those people actually contributing to climate change. They will be paying the price that we created the problem to. No one can justify that this is fair.

The future is scary. I feel pessimistic about the world that we live in. I feel pessimistic about the people in developing countries who do not have a voice. I feel pessimistic about the people that have to suffer because of the actions of the industrialized countries. I feel this way because nothing is being done. Our nation, as well as other developed countries, are not doing enough to fight climate change.

Climate change is not an issue that goes away if the citizens of developed countries just ignore it. The most important thing we can do as a nation is raise national awareness. If you as a President raise national awareness of what climate change is and how it is affecting our world, each individual can start making small changes in their lifestyle that can add up and make a big difference. These small acts can consist of using cars less, switching to bikes or trains because they reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we emit, and eating less meat because animals play a big role in contributing greenhouse gases emission into the environment. The second most important thing we can do is switch to renewable energy. Renewable energy is cheap, clean, and can possibly save lives. It will take a long time for the entire country to switch to renewable energy but it is worth our time and effort because we will be saving many lives. We can be the first country to run on renewable energy and set an example for other countries.

If we do not have a world to live in, it does not matter that we argue about immigration, it does not matter that we argue about taxes or other issues. We first need a place to live in but that place is slowly deteriorating. Soon we might see ourselves in an unrecoverable situation, but if we act now, we will be able to save this planet and save the lives of many people in third world countries that are and will be imperil.


Bertwocane A.

Foster High School

Nohl's 5th period Civics

5th period class

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