Kai C. Michigan

Save the Navajo!!

This letter is about a gold mine wall being washed away and now the don`t have clean drinking water.

Dear Future President,

Most of you votes I hope you know come from Native American reservations and some have little or no clean water. Do you want 13% of the votes you received that put you the white house do disappear?

No, then you should help them to survive this crisis.

10 to 12 people die each month do to unclean water. That is 80-100 thousandth native people may have been killed as as result of the diseases due to water problems each year. When the gold mine on a Navajo reservation was destroyed it was not on the news, Obama overlooked it. This is worse than the flint crisis.The ponds wall was washed away after the flood which polluted the water they drink. The water was polluted by a deadly gold poison. Now there is no clean drinking water so people are left thirsty along with their food supply so they have no food or water.

Many people say they are fine but most disagree. Like one young lady said”They have plenty of water they want more to say that they can survive the drought”. Yes they have water but not drinking water due to the poison and the drought they are left with no drinking water.

So Future President would you help the cause? Will you help the millions dying of thirst? Or be a stickler about it? Will you let those people who put you in that chair die?

So Future President would you let 13% of your voters die due to this water problem? If not then you should help the Navajo nation get though this time of need! I’m counting on you Future President to make this right!

Sincerely ,

Kai Crusan