Olivia Michigan

Dear President

The law I see that is unjust is abortion and there is more meaning than the debate over choice and life.

Dear Future President,

America has many issues that need to be reformed in order to improve lives and the efficiency of our country. I believe one unjust law that still exists is abortion. I know the history of the court case, “Roe v. Wade”. I have watched what happens to babies that survived the attempts of abortion. I’ve met an attempted abortion survivor, he told me about a saline injection that was intended to kill him and how it failed. The thought that will always remain with him, is the thought that he wasn’t supposed to be here and he wasn’t wanted in the first place, it’s hard to keep that idea for the rest of his life. In protest to my belief, I marched on Capitol hill in Washington D.C for the March for Life in January of 2015. Is it fair to the children in the wombs to not have a life? The victim could’ve been a president, olympian, or astronaut. In the world we live in, there are over 3,000 abortions per day in the United States. This is a real issue that can’t be left alone. Abortion is like terrorism. It imposes death and torture to another human being. We live in a country of freedom for individuals, but what is more valuable, a choice or life? Nothing will justify a death of an innocent life. It’s ironic that a single heartbeat could make a smile on one’s face and lighten their days, but it can also create sadness and despair to a woman, and result her to kill her child. I understand that sometimes children aren’t expected, but as Mother Teresa said, “It is a Poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.” It’s a serious issue and I believe I am responsible to speak for those who can’t yet.


Olivia Gilmore

Clarkston Community Schools

Early American Literature Hour 2

Seniors in high school writing an argument using rhetorical devices of 18th American writers.

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