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Gender Inequality

For many years women have been treated less than men. Men almost always get higher wages than women, and women haven't been treated the same in general.

       Dear Future President,      

                               Women for a long time have generally have been referred to as people that just stay home and do all the cooking and cleaning, while the men have been going out and making money for their families. Women are really the backbone of the families and should be treated more like men.  

                               Many major corporations in the U.S. are calling for more women on their company boards to bridge the gap, and one Women named Ellen Pao was terminated because she was constantly overlooked for promotions and was fired when she brought it up. That is not right at all. Women and men should be considered equally for jobs promotions in companies.

                               Some improvements have been made to improve equality. Netflix is the first major company to offer one-year paid family leave. This is a big leap in the gender equality argument. Before 1993 there was no federal mandated maternity leave or leave at all, it was up to the company. In 1993 congress passed a bill that states if you have a child or adopt one you get 12 weeks unpaid leave.

                              Women, in general, get paid less than what a men makes. The U.S. Census Bureau says for every dollar a man makes, a woman makes seventy-nine cents of that dollar in the same position. That is not fair to woman. They should be payed the same as men, because they are just as capable. Perhaps they may do a man's job even better. 

                             Overall men are generally payed better than women and considered more valuable. Both women and men should be treated equally, women are actually do a lot more than you think. Let's just treat men and women equally to make society better.


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