Jahnae W. Massachusetts

School Lunches

School lunches

Hi, my name is Jahnae Wyatt and I am a grade 10 student at Community Academy of Science and Health in MA Boston.  I would like to address something, something I began to notice over the years of being at a public school. Lets say you had a tough morning and you didn't have time eat breakfast or there isn't food at home. You had to catch your bus; so you come to school not energized for the day. However the school does serve lunch and breakfast. They give you two waffles inside a plastic and the syrup isn't truly molasses anymore it's a 'runny' sweet liquid substances.

 The problem is the quantity and quality of whats given to the students. We all of course know what type of meat we buy at the store.  The quality or brands of food to get. I shouldn't be disgusted by the fact that they serve 3 pieces of 'rubbery' chicken nuggets for lunch and think we are ready for the rest of the day. I am not saying that the food should be made unhealthy that is not acceptable for students who  weigh more because that would be a bigger problem.  Just make the food have taste and be healthy because the school has tasteless food being served and kids end up throwing away food and wasting 'money'. I have been  told not to get an extra meal and there were extras and they were going to be thrown away anyways.                                                                                                                                      This lunch isn’t enough for a typical growing and active student. But to make matters worse we all know what budget cuts are doing to the United States. The district should allow every school in the U.S to vote for what they want for breakfast.  Let the kids decide.  Everyone’s metabolism is different and it is terrible that many kids  have to suffer through the school day. No child is the same. No body is the same. . Others are just more active so they still need the extra calories. Let’s think about our children working a full time job at high-school. Their main objective for the day is to use there brains. Does it make sense for them to be able to maintain full function and ability if they're not getting the correct nutrition to feed their brains?

 Food for thought.  Since the menu change, we come home from a full day at school hungry, weak, tired, and irritable. Next thing you know we fall asleep and then we forget we had homework and then we might even sleep too long and become late for school the next day; and yet it is repeated again the next day.