Angel G. Wisconsin


Immigrants, especially Mexicans, in the U.S Illegally who are parents of U.S citizen minor should not be deported.

 Dear Future President,

But what happens to the child? According to Emily Deruy from The Atlantic, behavioral problems can arise at school as a result of depression and anger. But too often, advocates say, these consequences of parental deportation on a child's well-being are overlooked. Additionally, Wendy Cervantes worries that the rude comments from Donald Trump makes the United States of America look bad and nobody would come. Also the negative comments can impact the children in the U.S. 

Washington Post states that study participants report that children don´t want to eat, pulled out their hair, or even have continuous stomachaches or headaches. Others turned out to be more self destructive such as cutting themselves or abusing substances. According to Migration Policy Institute´s research, it does not only affect the children but also their spouses, most were not the family's primary breadwinner, and have trouble replacing the income they lost.

When parents are deported sometimes they don't have the final decision to where to leave their children. Most of the time, they end up in foster homes or with their relatives. Sometimes since the children have passports they use it to travel to Mexico. Often the kids stay in Mexico with their parents until they pass away. 

Eric Pianin from The Fiscal Times, says that at least about 72% of Americans in the U.S. say that undocumented immigrants  should be allowed to remain in the U.S. While the other percentage says that immigrants take jobs, housing, and health care. Also studies show that illegal immigrants pay $11.8 billion in taxes. That means that the immigrants are good for the economy. 

In conclusion, the next president should not deport the undocumented immigrants because they are hard workers and they want a better life for their children. 

                                                                                                                        Sincerely, Angel Gomez-Soto


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