Marlena R. Massachusetts

Stop the Animal Cruelty!

Animals are treated in horrible ways and it's up to our government to reduce this cruelty in the world.

Dear next President,

First of all, congrats on becoming the president of the US. 

My name is Serena and I strongly believe that animals should be treated more like

humans. Animals have a heart and they have feelings just as much as

we do. Animals on a daily basis are tortured, neglected, and starved.

Animal pounds just kill off animals if they aren't adopted in a certain

amount of time and it isn't right. Animals deserve to live a long, happy

life and to be loved. You can make a change in the world and do

something to stop animal cruelty.

Most dog owners chain up their dogs and leave them out to just starve

away. People want pit bulls to be security dogs so they use shock

collars and abuse them to train them. Pit bulls aren't naturally

aggressive yet they get taught to attack and that's why most people

treat them like they are bad. Approximately 7.6 million animals enter

animal shelters a year in the U.S. and unfortunately the rest are just left

as strays. According to ASPCA the exact amount of stray animals can't

be determined but the population of stray cats alone is estimated to be

up to 70 million. (Http://

intake-and-surrender/pet-statistics). In the United States one billion

bunnies are killed every year for their fur. They are skinned alive and

hung to death. People have no humanity and wear animal fur for "style"

like nothing but if someone was to wear human skin the whole world

would freak out and act so shocked. It's unbelievable how heartless

human beings could be to murder an innocent animal just to fit the

trending styles.

You as our future president can make a change in this world for the

animal industry. There could be laws passed to ban putting down

animals for no reason and more strict policy's for pet owners. I also

think there shouldn't be merchandise used against animals and

together we could end animal cruelty for good. You could also offer a

place where all strays could go without being locked in cages and

make more efforts into helping animals get adopted. I hope you can

take this into consideration.

-Serena Ramirez :)