Candecia B. Massachusetts

Immigration Problems in Our Society

Immigration and my view on what showed be changed.

Dear Mr./Mrs.President,

             My name is Candecia Tatiana Brown. I am a 15 year old high school student that lives in Boston, MA and goes to Community Academy Of Science and Health aka C.A.S.H. In this letter I would like for you to ask yourself a few questions about immigration and the affect on the country as a whole.      

              Are you aware of the amount of illegal immigrants that are in the country?  Do you know how they got into the country?  Well I'll tell you. Illegal immigrants sneak into the country everyday. From many different foreign countries. Countries such as; China, Brazil, Chile, Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica and the biggest one of all, Mexico. These illegal immigrants come into the United States mainly to find better opportunities for themselves and their families. 

In my opinion this has a strong affect on my community. It has a strong affect on our society in general. Because of all the immigrants coming into the country, it's harder for the legal citizens that were here in the country before them. The most common thing that the illegal immigrants do when they come into the U.S is having babies so they are able to stay. When they have babies that are born Americans but they are illegal, they are allowed to stay in the United States. But should there be a wall to prevent them to keep from coming in?  Should you deport every illegal immigrant you find in the U.S? Well I think you shouldn't because you don't know the ability that they have. Not all illegal immigrants are bad. Most of them have a positive impact on the country. On my community. They have the corners stores I go to every morning to buy food. They have clothing stores where I buy my clothes. They are the ones that make that good food for us to eat. And why don't politicians appreciate that? You shouldn't be ungrateful for those who give to you. 

My position on immigrants is  that they should have a chance to prove themselves to the country that they have a purpose.  I think you should handle the situation differently. For example,  if a Chinese doctor comes to America but doesn't speak English they should be able to still go in for their citizenship and after, they will be able to learn the English language. To be honest I don't know if that makes sense but I'm just giving my personal opinion. And I know you might not care about my opinion but just think of it as if it were you in that situation. How would you feel? Knowing that you want to make a change but can't because of some rules.

As I said before this might not be important to you because you already have your citizenship from birth. But think about if it was you, your husband/wife or even your kids. I know you would want them to have a chance to have opportunities to have a better life but how are they going to do that if they are not taught English or how to read or write? Just remember this question. Suppose this was you?