John H. California

Gun control. No control to be honest.

The right to bear arms means every person knows how to use them. Right?

The total tallied gun incidents in 2015 was recorded to be 53,393. Out of those 53,393 incidents 13,476 people have been killed, 2,699 teens within the age of 12 to 17 , and 698 children the age below 11 are in that number. Now these numbers are not purely from mass shootings and armed people wanting to shoot. Only 332 people have been killed from mass shootings. The rules that have been used for regulating gun circulation have been far too lose. Of course not everyone can get a gun whenever they want. People who have been criminalized are not allowed to purchase, use, or own guns. And yet the reason why guns still end up in their hands is because of people who do have the ability to get guns. 

First off view this statement from sheriffs in Florida state "More than 400 firearms were stolen from cars in Duval County, Florida, this year — and 60 percent of those were from unlocked cars." The amount of stolen guns from only one state is audacious. And yet this is from one state alone.

Secondly compared to other countries, the United States is currently leading in gun related murders as shown in this text from a news site "Compared to 22 other high-income nations, the United States' gun-related murder rate is 25 times higher." In 22 other countries America is leading the pack of gun murders by not just a few fractions, but rather by a quarter.

In total I suggest that the acquiring of a gun would be more tedious. The second amendment will still be in effect but the time to get a gun should not merely take a day. Instead a period of at least a week should be placed on people willing to own guns. Hopefully by making the system of "bearing arms" much more slower the amount of guns on the streets and in homes will decrease, and in turn the amount of guns stolen/misused will decrease.