Patrick H. North Dakota

Taking Guns Will not work

In this article you will read why guns should not be taken away from the public.

Dear Mr. President,

As a gun owner and hunter I think Gun Control is a problem. It’s a problem because many people think guns are bad and are the reason we have school shootings and terrorism. Taking away guns will not stop any of these things. It will only make criminals turn to buy guns on the black market.

It would be nearly impossible to take away guns from the people of America. There are approximately 270 million guns in america. That’s about 88% of all people. Putting gun control laws into place would be a better option. We shouldn’t take them away from people who already own them and we shouldn’t discontinue the production of ammo.

I feel that if we put stricter laws on buying a gun, it would help our problem much more effectively. Something like stronger background checks would allow the seller of the gun to get to know the type of person that you are and if you would be capable of owning a gun and using it safely and for the right reasons. Terrorists and criminals would be completely cut off from buying guns at local gun shops and stores.

These ideas would work because it would eventually filter out criminals who want guns to do bad things. It would also ensure safety in schools and other public events because criminals would not be allowed to purchase guns. I really do think this would work.