Dwatkins Illinois


What will you do about the inequality in the U.S?

Dear Future President,

     In the United States, racial inequality and unfairness is one of our biggest issues today. Part of it is in the schools. In school today, being black they lower expectations and you have to work twice as hard to show that you can compete with the white population. If you don't, then you're a part of the black stereotype. Which is you're going to drop out or not make it to college. Then like sometimes some of the teachers in the school don't believe in the youth these days based on where you come from.

     Then another part is police discrimination. It's mostly the white police officers that do it the most. Like if they see like 4 or 5 blacks in a group the automatically think they are up to no good.  You can't see one thing then recognize it as everything else. No one is close to being the same in this world. I think police judge us off of what they see on the news an hear around the world. They need to be calm an see what kind of attitude they give an not just go crazy.

     I really hope you read this entirely and really try to put your self in the colored people shoes compared to the rest of the races. It might take a while but at least try very hard to stop it or things will get way worse.