Brooke P. Virginia


Religiously speaking, god had stated that we are not to murder.

         Hello Mr/Ms President, my name is Brooke Pelkey. I am an eleventh grade student at Eastern View High School. I would like to take a moment to say a few things that have bothered not only the world, but women in general. There is a debate between the rights and wrongs of abortion.

I personally and many women as well, believe that abortion is wrong. Not everyone believes in God, but some do believe. The ones who do believe know that murder is what God had stated was wrong. We are allowed to take one-selves on some circumstances such as, war and self-defense. The baby inside of the womb has done nothing wrong at all. Some say that the baby is not even alive. As soon as the fertilization occurs, the baby begins to grow. It is considered murder when you abort an unborn child. The first trimester consists of the development of the brain, spinal cord, different organs, the heart and so much more.

 To solve this problem, abortion should be banned completely. Some might say that it should be allowed when the woman is rapped. However, there are other choices than to murder a innocent baby. There is such thing as adoption and many parents are dying to have a baby of their own. This abortion problem should be banned from the United States completely. Thank you, Brooke Pelkey