Gloria R. Alabama

Women Equality Pay

women and men should have equal pay, women have women rights but still do not get paid equal as a man which should be changed because gender should not matter.

Dear, Future president

Women have had rights since August 18, 1920, the 19th amendment to the U.S constitution granted american women the right to vote a right known as the women suffrage which is a right to women to vote just as men. Women should not be treated any less then men because they are equal regardless of the gender. Women have also the same pay as men do for all jobs they both do. Women have been labeled as house wives, the type to be the one to be in the house and cook the dinner and take care of the kids and the men's role is to go out and work to provide money. This image has to end because women deserve  more and be just as equal as a man. If a women wishes to work or has to work because she is a single parent then she has a right to be paid same and not less because of her gender.  

Women do receive more college and graduate degrees than men but on average women continue to  earn less than men. In 2015 a female full-time worker made only 80 cents for every dollar earned by men,  a gender wage gap of 20 percent, Women should have that right to get that extra percent because women are just as hard working and equal to a man. If you think that the percent is bad enough then it gets worse for women for color, According to a study by the national partnership for women and families, there is a large gap between the average wage earned by white women and minority women. while white women make 79 cents on a white man's dollar, hispanic women make on average only 55 cents of that dollar. Women are not only being discriminated by gender but also by their color/ethnicity. Women in Wyoming earning just 64 percent of what their males make. in 1963 the equal pay rights act was passed full-time working women were paid 59 cents on average for every dollar paid to men but still do not actually have an equal pay as men.

Women should get equal to males. It is unfair and most women do more than men at times. Most women might be on their own with the kids and need money. Unfair that males/females work the same job but women get paid less because they are simply just women. The action I wish the next president is to take a step to finally actually have equal pay for women in all job fields they wish to work in and that they also do not get discriminated by their gender and ethnicity or color. 


Gloria R.