Stephanie C. California

Why are the homeless treated so badly?

Why are homeless people treated so badly, We are all human and should be treated equally.

Dear Future President,

I hope that you’re doing well. My name is Stephanie Chavez. I am an average 14 year old that just started high school but I have a simple question for you. Why are homeless treated like a mistake? I mean we are all human am I right? Well then we should all be consider this because we are all equal no matter what situation we are in. We as people need to understand that.

My problem is that some of the homeless people are suffering and hurting. By this I mean discriminated and treated in an unfavorable way. This might not seem like the biggest thing because other people get made fun of all the time. That is something else that needs to change. But this is a bigger problem. It is getting to the point where they are getting treated bad, but they are getting killed as well. And I think this type of problem needs a solution and soon. This effect the homeless but this isn’t safe for the community around them either. People will get to the point where they are so terrified that they will go to the safest place possible. I believe that it can be a person’s home if they get to that point and imagine what the people will think.

I mean we just need to take this into consideration all over the country,but that’s just me. I also understand that some people won’t care about this problem because it does not affect them. Well as much as it does to the homeless. But have they put themselves into their shoes? No, most likely not. That’s my point here. So I want to help with this problem and one way is to just give something like food or clothing. Or just give them a reason to smile to brighten up that tough day they are going through. I feel like you more than any person can help with that.

So to just finish off, I want to thank you for your time Future President. And I want you to consider any way possible to help with this. Innocent people getting hurt and tortured everyday for no real reason. So please help me and the other people who believe this is a problem end this. Once again thank you Future President.


Stephanie Chavez



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