Jennifer L. California

The Future of our Generation

How making college more affordable will help our future of our generation.

Dear Future President,

Since I was a very young girl, I’ve never put much thought about what I wanted to do in the future, but as I grew older I started to think more about colleges and jobs. I started to notice that college is not cheap, it's very expensive. I started to think about ways to pay such big expense. When it comes to college, students usually depend on their parent(s) to pay. But parents sometimes don't have enough money to pay such big amount of money, and students end up asking for a loan, which in the long run it not worth it. In the worse cases students that don't have money just don't go to college or university at all because it is just way too expensive.

As I learned about this, I thought to myself that this is unfair and I didn’t want to make my parent pay for something that they can't afford. So I decided to start working. I got a job as a waitress in a small donut shop and recently got another job as a swimming coach. I did this because I wanted to be able to help pay my own college tuition. I have the opportunity to be able to have a job and in the near future, go to college. Sadly I can't say the same for others.

Why is college expensive? There are so many people out there that can't go to college because it’s too expensive. Why do we have to pay so much? We even have to pay for our own textbooks that certainly aren’t cheap, and don't forget, if you're planning to go to college in a place far from home, you better have money to pay the rent. If we were to lower the price for college it would help hundreds of families all around the countries. By just lowering the price and making it affordable, more people would go to college and get a higher chance getting a job in the future. More doctors, engineers and so much more. This would help all of us.

Future President, help make college more affordable and help families living in poverty. It is all in your hands, it’s all up to you to make the change.



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