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#Black Lives Matter

This letter is talking about how "#Black Lives Matter", and how the community is getting affected by this. Not just black lives matter, all lives matter. Read this and you'll understand why everyone's lives matter, not just black lives but all lives matter.

                                                                                                                                            October 27, 2016

   Dear Future President,

     I'm from HSHMC school and my name is Ava Hernandez. I want to talk about some problems that are going on in our community. The problem I want to talk about is, Black lives Matter. The reason why I want to talk about this is because, I’ve seen how much violence that has been going on in our community. Such as, protest, gun violence, people’s lives getting taken away, and even just a lot of chaos happening. Somethings that I believe that could help this problem is, by probably showing the people how all lives matter not just black lives because to be honest, it’s not just their lives being taken away, it’s other lives too.

     Some issues that I’m concerned about is, people’s lives getting taken away from this. I did some research about this problem I had found out that, according to the Guardian’s police killing data, they have found out that 271 black lives were killed by police officers and 261 white lives were killed by police officers. Don’t people realize that white people are getting killed and do you see people protesting for that no. Don’t people understand that everyone should stop this chaos because, the more people protest and create violence, the more people’s lives are getting taken away. That’s the reason why black lives are getting more shot and killed because, of all the protest and violence. Another thing that could help this violence is probably, helping good police officers to speak up and tell other police officers to stop this shooting so it could help save lives.

     Another problem I want to talk about is the protesting going on in our community. I’ve seen how people would react to this problem. It turns out, that the people who are protesting are not really helping at all. All their doing is showing how they feel. But in my opinion, protesting will make more people think that it’s okay for people to protest, it’s okay to kill the police officers, and it’s okay for people to know that the people who are trying help which are the police officers, is dangerous. No it’s not okay for people to know that because, I saw what’s happening that is affecting our community. This country should be called “SA” instead of U.S.A. because, there is nothing united about us, if we can’t even resolve issues and stand together as a fist, rather than separate like fingers. I have did some more research and I have found out that, at least about 11 cops shot dead and 9 more wounded. The people who are trying to help this community are getting shot dead because of this problem. This problem could be solved if we could probably, vote to stop gun violence for example, “Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump”.

     While I was doing research about this problem, I found a story about this little girl and her mom. This is what happened, their was a police officer on duty and he was white and that he noticed the mom speeded over speed limit so he, the police officer started chasing after her. The little girl was in the backseat of the car. The mom wouldn't stop at all, so it became a high speed chase. At one point the police officers stop her. When the police officer asked the little girl why wouldn't her mom stop, she said that police officers kill people. Kids shouldn't be worrying about this problem. Kids should be playing outside or doing something fun. They should not be scared of police officers. The police officers are just trying to help people but instead we have to use force against the protesting and violence. So we all have to stand together and stop this problem from getting worst.


                                                    Ava, Hernandez

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