Kevin California

Racial Discrimination

Racial Discrimination has impacted America.

Dear Future President,

                     I hope you would do your best in your presidential term. I also hope you can create new and beneficial changes to our country. I wish you would continue to improve our economy and technology. The United States will continue to improve over time and we will soon be the most advanced country in the world. However, I think that racial discrimination is a big problem in the United States. I think that people shouldn't judge a person because of there race. Instead of being criticized by race, people should judge others by personality. In addition, racial discrimination is being used in school even today. I think that people should stop racial discrimination because it is another way of bullying. Racial discrimination can not just hurt others feeling but it can change their life. I believe that racial discrimination should be stopped by the people. I also believe that ending this problem can help stop many of the bullying problems in the United States. I think that if we can stop racial discrimination it can create a better friendship between the people. My opinion on racial discrimination is that it should be stopped because this is creating more and more problems in the United States.