Eli North Carolina

dear president

dear president

Dear president

Homelessness is a big problem even with veterans because they end up homeless and the fought for our country but for anything they should have a lot of money because they risk their life to protect mine and yours so i don't think that's fair and i can’t stand to see homelessness people i think there should be a free hotel for them until they find a job and get money

.if the military pays makes a base pay of $1,467 per month. Why does vertentes end up homeless and poor. I think we should open up more jobs and a place for people so that way they can get there own money take care of them self and maybe ave a family and have a good life. I think militaries should get paid more than celebrities and rappers because if we didn't have then he won't be alive to listen or to watch our favorite celebrities so people in the army should make more money so they don't end up poor for fighting for our country.

In the future i hope there will be no terrorist attacks and a bigger and stronger army.