Zainub S. California

Affordable College Tuition

The increasing cost of attending college is burdensome for students and action must be taken now to address it.

Dear Mr./Ms. President,

Although this may not be one of your top priorities, it significantly affects many people in the United States: college tuition. Throughout the years, the financial expense of college has significantly increased by thousands of dollars which many average citizens do not immediately have. Now more than ever, students will consider if college is worth all that money and possibly opt out of extended education. I firmly believe that if anyone has the will to study more in an institution, then they should be given the chance without being held back by monetary troubles.

I encourage you, Future President, to lower the cost college. The majority of those that continue their education will take out a substantial loan. This loan will be a heavy burden for themselves and their family and future, taking years and years to slowly pay off. Students will be living under the shadow of debt, unable to progress in life because the thousands of dollars for a college degree are looming over their heads. Attending college should benefit those attending, as they learn more, expand their minds, make new connections, and mature. Unfortunately, the tuition for college dampens these benefits, and it has gotten to the point where college is more harmful than advantageous.

The overwhelming expense of college may get to students before they even decide to go. The fear of unpayable or long-lasting loans haunt them and consequently, would rather finish high school and work in a minimum wage job. College is place to pursue interests and develop character. Those that graduate from a higher education are a diverse group of individuals, majoring in various studies, from engineering to dance to psychology. They are all set out to accomplish exciting things with their new knowledge and capabilities, unable to be acquired with just a high school diploma. Society benefits from intelligent individuals, but if this trend continues, our future will not look bright. Affordable college is a necessity for the betterment of Americans and our country.