David.I California

Poverty in the U.S

There are Millions of people in poverty with no food, water, or shelter. Something should be done about that to help others lives.

Dear future President,

There are many problems in the U.S and one of them is people being homeless with no food or poverty. This issue bothers me because I always see people sleeping in the floor of parks or other places in town. I also see people with no food asking for people's help.

Being in poverty can have many issues. Having no food and not having a home can cause many health issues. Not having food can lead to starvation and other issues like diseases. There is also a lack of education in kids that are in poverty. You as president should do something about the people with no homes and help those in poverty.

Over 564,708 are homeless in U.S. 206,286 are people in families and 358,422 are individual homeless. According to a 2015 published poverty measure by the United States Census Bureau, over 43.1 million people are in poverty in the U.S..

Solutions are to lower housing cost , providing shelters to the people with no homes, and creating jobs for those in poverty to gain money. Another solution is the government providing food, water, homes, and other stuff that people need.

In conclusion, poverty is affecting lives in many ways and should be taken care of and given more attention. This should not be a problem in the U.S or any part of the world.