Aishah K. California


The false perceptions on immigration.

Dear Future President,

There is a popular belief among the American public that allowing immigrants to enter our country can be harmful to our country's safety. People seem to believe that immigrants will harness dangers and bring unsafe conditions to our country, but immigration has been an American process since the early 1900s. It is what set the foundation for our country’s growth so we may have the luxuries we lavishly enjoy today. So why is it a problem now?

My parents and most of my family members came here as immigrants. They moved here for a better life and more opportunities. Why should we deny that chance to other people? An assumption cannot be made about the entire immigrant population based on the possibility of the dangers certain groups could pose. Instead, more precautions should be taken about who is allowed to enter, but that extra precaution should not mean that they be denied acceptance because of their religion or race. They should be denied based on their past actions and whether they are dangerous or not.


Aishah Khan